When we adopt the professor's books for their class, if an e-book is available for that title, we automatically load that option in for the course (no one needs to request it).
Our e-books are used on NookStudy.
www.nookstudy.com If a professor wants an e-book version of a book, they just have to request it, we fill out the forms needed and request permission from the publisher to load into NookStudy and then we are able to sell that book electronically. There is a NookStudy building block on Blackboard already that is very comprehensive and easy to use for faculty, Hamilton has it already loaded. If you look at the WebEx's at www.nookstudy.com, you can see everything it does for the faculty.
There has not been much demand from the faculty for e-book versions, sometimes we hear negative feedback (from faculty) that we even offer e-books.. but our job is to offer CHOICE.. students can buy DIGITAL, RENTAL, USED, or NEW books from us.
Let me know if you have any other questions.